Our Leadership Workshops

Here at LTC, you'll discover and refine all the leadership skills you need to CONFIDENTLY get the job done!

The workshops listed below form the core of our Educational Program, which was totally revamped in 2023 as we returned to an overnight program.

Speaking With Ease (2 parts)

The first step to improving your public speaking skills is to recognize the things you do right, and become aware of the things you need to improve on. Find out both - and have fun doing it - through positive and constructive peer feedback in a collaborative environment. Goals of this workshop include:

  • To provide tools that will help you become more comfortable when speaking in public.
  • To provide an opportunity for you to practice giving speeches and responses with the benefit of these tools. By the end of this workshop, everyone will have had a chance to speak, receive feedback and be coaches for their peers.
  • To learn how to help peers become more effective public speakers.

Effective Communication (2 parts)

Who do you think are great communicators, and what makes them so great? What is the difference between hearing and listening, and how good are you at each? Discover the true elements of effective communication and learn how you can apply them to become a better communicator, and leader. Goals of this workshop include:

  • To learn, highlight, and practice the elements of good communication.
  • To reflect on other people’s perspective of your communication and discover the best way to be an effective communicator.

To Lead Is To Serve

At some point, you have heard the words "Leadership is Service". However, true servant leadership entails much more than just repeating a quote. What does it mean to be a servant leader? Discover the qualities, mindset, self-awareness, and commitment to others that will enable you to become a servant leader. Goals of this workshop include:

  • To understand the concept and importance of servant leadership.
  • To think/write about how they can serve their peers/schools during the next school year.
  • To have some concrete ideas of how they can be of service in their school/community

Project Planning (2 parts)

There are many types of projects – fundraising, service, leadership, social, spirit – what types are you involved with? The key to a truly effective project is planning, planning, and then some more planning. Go through the essentials of "S.M.A.R.T." planning for a successful project, from brainstorming to planning to implementation to evaluation. Goals of this workshop include:

  • Introduce the project planning method known as P.I.E. = Plan, Implement, Evaluate.
  • Discover and use specific processes & tools for successful project planning, such as brainstorming and rank-choice voting.
  • Engage in conversation based on in school project planning needs and experiences.
  • Follow the P.I.E life cycle of an example project.

Leadership Styles

You'll discover different styles of leadership and the effects they can have on an organization and its’ members, in a fun way you'll never forget. Along the way, you'll figure out which style fits you, and how to work with others who may have a different style. Goals of this workshop include:

  • Participate in team building exercises to promote teamwork, critical thinking, and discover different leadership styles.
  • Determine your dominant leadership style, and how you can adapt to different situations and even different leadership styles.
  • Discover the traits for various leadership styles, and how to best work with others who have them.

Make Your Time Count

Do you know how much time you actually spend on routine things each day, and how much time you can devote to the things you want and need to do? Learn how well you manage your time, a skill critical to success in college and beyond, and strategies to manage it better. Goals of this workshop include:

  • To learn time management skills that can be applied to daily activities/lives to help them become more intentional.
  • To learn how to utilize specific tools/strategies to better manage your time.
  • To realize that good time management gives peace of mind, makes days better organized, and leads to better accomplishments.