Hey, Students!

Why should YOU join us at LTC?

Engaging GROUP ACTIVITIES that will inform, entertain, invigorate, and inspire you to become part of something special - and which are also a whole LOT of fun...

An outstanding SOCIAL PROGRAM which makes the overall LTC experience not only educational but extremely entertaining as well - you'll laugh as you learn...

New FRIENDSHIPS you'll quickly make and that will last a lifetime, plus valuable networking whre you can share your ideas and frustrations with fellow student leaders from throughout New Jersey...

Inspiring JUNIOR COUNSELORS that will not only entertain you - they will guide and involve you as we create a special community where you will quickly feel right at home...

DISCOVER new things about yourself in a supportive judgement-free community where you can confidently bring out and share talents you never thought that you had...

If you want to become a STRONG student leader prepared to improve your school and community, come to LTC and you'll return energized to do all that and so much more!


But don't just take our word for it...here's what STUDENTS who were recent delegates have to say about LTC!

"In some of the most important years of my life, LTC has helped me develop the necessary skills I need to become a strong leader in my educational community. The program is filled with workshops, activities, team-building games, and so much more packed in just three short days. I got to work with Senior Counselors who are masters of their craft all over the Garden State, like the county commissioner. I left with so many new friends, and skills that will last me a lifetime. I can't wait to return next year!"

Maximilian Oster - Shore Regional High School

"LTC was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Meeting so many dedicated and passionate student leaders from across New Jersey was incredible, inspiring, and enthralling, all at the same time. From forming friendships with fellow servant leaders to participating in team bonding, feeling supported and a part of a wonderful community, and attending fun social events such as JC Jukebox and the Birthday Dance, I grew tremendously as both a student leader and individual. Through LTC, I have made many amazing friendships and connected with individuals I would not have met otherwise. While LTC only lasted three days, it has left an unforgettable impact on me that I will take back to my school. I can not wait to share my remarkable experiences and what I have learned with the rest of my local communities!"

Alina Chen - East Brunswick High School (2023 State Officer)

"LTC for me was a great experience. I was able to learn more about how to express myself and I learned more about some leadership skills. Some skills include being able to speak more easily and how to create new plans without trouble.These skills will soon come into play for me in my life in the eighth grade due to the fact that I am in the Student Government Association in my school. I will have to prepare to present myself as a good leader to the entire school so having the confidence to do so will help me a lot. LTC was also so much fun since I was able to connect with other people there. So thanks to LTC I can be ready and show off my new skills to my fellow peers!"

Angelica Lara - Lakewood Middle School (2023 Session 1)

"Going into LTC, I was a more reserved person at school, keeping my head down in the halls and not talking to people other than my friends. That's why, all I expected from LTC was to be able to open up more, but boy was I unaware of what was in store for me! Walking into LTC I see all the JCs, SCs, and SOs waving to me -- I could already tell this was going to be a fun time! Then, we met in our color groups, and immediately confidence blossomed in me as I talked with so many new people. During our 3 amazing days at LTC, my peers and I attended informative classes, repped team pride, and engaged in collaborative competition -- all the while having so much fun!! It was amazing-- couldn't recommend it more!"

Ronak Pathak - Cherry Hill High School East (2023 Session 2)

"I had such an amazing time at LTC! I got to meet so many amazing people and make tons of new friends that I never would have known if I didn’t attend LTC. I learned many new leadership skills that I can take back to my schools student council from the workshops. I also learned new ideas on how to fundraise and create more school spirit from other delegates! Overall, LTC was a life changing experience for me and I loved being there for every moment. I hope to come back next year as a JC and continue having fun at LTC!"

Eva Quinn - Cinnaminson High School (2023 Session 2)

"Just like pretty much any newcomer, I was nervous, I barely knew anyone, after all. However, over the course of 3 days, I was welcomed greatly and actually felt appreciated! Thanks to LTC, I now have learned a vast amount of leadership skills that I can use in my school and beyond. Everything you go through here is something that you’ll truly remember. I walked out with many friends, many new skills, and most importantly, many memories. I was able to step out my comfort zone and be myself. For anyone thinking about whether the program is worth it, I would say just go for it, because you never know what completely new things you will learn. Coming to LTC is a choice I will never regret, it will always have a place in my heart."

Andrew Guzman - Melvin H. Kreps Middle School (2023 Session 2)

"As someone who originally joined LTC not knowing what all to expect, I got such an amazing experience out of it! From being able to meet new friends that still keep up with me to learning new leadership skills to the fun games and just being surrounded by just a group of people who I now consider family, I wouldn't change my experience for anything. If there's one thing I never thought I would leave with, it's a sense of belonging. Trust me, throughout all of the feelings you're feeling when going into this, the whole experience at LTC is worth it. I can't wait to come back next year!"

Amaya Webb - Franklin High School (2023 Session 2)

"LTC was an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience where I had the opportunity to learn the value and meaning of being a leader. Through rigorous, hands-on lessons and activities, I learned new approaches to public speaking, communication, and servant leadership. LTC has helped me become a better leader, inspiring me to improve the way I make an impact in my community."

Uriel Rivera - Lakewood High School (2023 Session 1)

"It was a good experience because it helped me to get comfortable as a leader and to know how to be one for myself and everyone else. I also met a lot of people and now I have new friends that I am still talking to. But overall it was one of the best things I’ve done so far as a leadership thing and I wished this could have lasted longer!"

Malorie Aime - Abraham Clark High School (2023 Session 1)

"Before coming to LTC, I thought it was going to be a waste of time - I did not believe I was going to make new friendships or learn anything. It was the complete opposite! I learned to express my inner self as a person and a leader. Also I learned a lot of valuable tips and skills the I will be able to use in my life going forward. Finally, I was able to bring what I learned and share it with my advisor and school and try to make a difference in my schools education system."

Dylan DeCastro - Hillside High School (2023 Session 2)

"Choosing to attend was one of the best choices I have ever made! From learning about the different leadership skills (which will be used in my sophomore class club and in Key Club) to meeting new people that I did not know previously (I also met someone else that was from the other side of my home town that I did not know before), this was a really enjoyable experience. Having the chance to have fun with the different activities such as the JCs Rock! was one of the highlights, as we also had a chance to be silly while having fun. If you want to go, I highly recommend attending, you will be able to apply what you learn far beyond Student Council, too! "

Nicholas Rice - Parsippany High School (2023 Session 1)

"I have to say LTC was probably the highlight of my summer. Coming in as a more shy individual who didn't really know what to expect, LTC granted me the confidence I needed to branch out and meet new people. I met so many new people that I still speak to today and I've made many new friends that I wont forget."

Emily Laing - Neptune High School (2023 Session 1)