why should your child come to ltc?


"My daughter loved attending . She learned so much and made new friends that she said will be her friends forever. She was so sad to come home. Thank you for giving these young ladies and men this opportunity!"

Christine Dougherty - Parent, Haddon Township High School

"The skills that my daughter learned in her 4 days at LTC are skills she will use all her life. Everyone at LTC was so enthusiastic and encouraging! As soon as we were greeted , I knew that my daughter's experience at LTC would not only be educational, but fun! When we got there, my fears disappeared, knowing that my daughter was in good hands. I'm grateful for the experience that LTC and Kreps Middle School offered my daughter and am happy she had the opportunity to come to LTC!"

Sally Rushford - Parent, Melvin H. Kreps Middle School

"Danielle was a little skeptical at first about attending LTC, being that she didn't know anyone or what it was about. Once we dropped her off, we hardly heard from her! She had more fun and learned more than any of us expected. When we picked her up, she was already talking about being a Jr. Counselor. Thank you for offering this outstanding opportunity and the value it gives to these students. Looking forward to next year!"

Anthony Gaetano - Parent, Monmouth Regional High School

"My son has been attending LTC since he was in middle school. The training he has received at LTC brings out the best in him. He has developed a strong foundation to become a great leader in his school and in the community!"

Lara Sepe - Parent, Parsippany Hills High School

"My daughter thoroughly enjoyed her LTC Session. She met so many other students and learned many new skills that she has already put to use. Now she can't wait to go back again! This is a great learning opportunity for any student!"

Eleanor Ossowski - Parent, Union County Vocational-Technical High School

"I must say that my child left home too excited to attend LTC and if the program was longer she would have stayed. She didn't want to come home. She said every moment was amazing!!! She even did the talent show. I am impressed with the positive vibes from last year and more so this year. I am happy she took part in this great program and thankful for those that make it happen!"

Marisol Diaz - Parent, Bayonne High School

"My daughter Hayley chose LTC over attending a sports camp that week. She couldn't have made a better decision! She returned Saturday energized and excited after having what she called "one of the best times of her life". The friends she made and the life lessons she learned far out weigh any week at a sports camp. I know she will carry this experience with her for a long time. She can't wait for next year! Keep doing what you're doing!"

Jim Kellar - Parent, Kingsway Regional High School

"My son thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of LTC from gaining independence, making new friends, to learning how to have confidence in himself and instill confidence in others. A wonderful and positive experience!"

Jennifer Long - Parent, Stewartsville Middle School

"This was my son's first experience at LTC, and he LOVED it! He was so excited to get there and was hoping that his experience would meet his expectations and I believe it surpassed them! I was impressed with the townhouses that were used for their housing. The staff members were very welcoming as we arrived and helpful in showing us were the houses were and guiding us to the rooms. My son absolutely wants to attend again next year! overall excellent experience!"

Margaret Biondolillo - Parent, South Brunswick High School

"Very impressed with my son's reviews. He loved it! Despite the busy and tight schedule he had nothing but good things to say about the classes and events. My husband and I talked with him, and he was so well spoken. I would recommend this to all. The classes and topics that were covered were very appropriate for his age group. Having the opportunity to stay and eat at a college made it that more inviting and exciting for my son. He told me about the notes he took and the info he learned. On the ride home he was excited to tell me his intentions to put his new skills to use to run an effective meeting...take turns speaking...getting an idea across...all very valuable skills for all children. Great!"

Irma Mooney - Parent, Bridgewater-Raritan Middle School

"This was a life changing experience that I would recommend every parent allow their child to experience. When I asked my son how his experience at LTC was he replied "awesome" He has connected with students from all over NJ He has the resources and knowledge to use the skills LTC taught him for the rest of his life. He is already planning to attend LTC Advanced next summer!"

Janice Savage - Parent, St. Peter's Prep

"I just want to say thank you to all. Attending LTC was an excellent experience for Francesca. She came home more positive and with a lot of energy. She loved it!"

Lorena Seri - Parent, Phillipsburg High School

"My son had an amazing time at LTC! He did not know what to expect but as soon as we arrived, he was thrilled by the enthusiasm everyone demonstrated. Even though he already felt competent as a student leader, he was exposed to many new skills and ideas that will enable him to become more confident. He also became very close to a lot of his fellow delegates and counselors, developing friendships that continued once the session was over. Basically he had tons of fun while learning valuable skills! LTC was well worth it!"

Laura Kalik - Parent, Bridgewater-Raritan Middle School

"Every concerned-mom email had been answered timely and built my confidence, but we still all had nervousness on drop-off day which quickly dissolved as we were put at ease by the organized & welcoming nature of the LTC folks! From the social aspect to the fun songs & games, to the talent show, to the speeches she made & the way she learned to respect herself, to all the team building exercises - she LOVED it all. We hardly heard from her - a good sign - save for the late night "xoxo" texts. I knew she had been greatly affected by her experiences because she just couldn't fully explain all she'd been through as she was overwhelmed. Kudos to LTC, which is a great building block for a pro-school, pre-teen!"

Annika Cioffi - Parent, Union Middle School

"Lindsey had such an amazing time at LTC, has really opened up and has not stopped talking about it since she got home! She was sad to leave even with other summer events coming up. She made lasting friendships with her schoolmates and team color members. They group chat all the time and are meeting at community events and making plans to meet at school soccer games, football games and band competitions. Some of her new friends aren't far and they have mutual friends they didn't know they had. She's looking forward to a new school year, student council, athletics and other events and would love the opportunity to participate in other LTC events!"

Donna Cooper - Parent, Burlington City High School

"At drop off the nerves were high for both my son Manny and I, but when he texted me "this is one of the coolest things I've ever done" while he was at LTC, I felt so lucky that he was able to be a part of this fantastic experience. He left LTC a different person. More confident , understanding, open to new things and excited to share what he learned with his school. He also left with a new family, his LTC family. As a parent I can't thank you enough for all you did to create this AMAZING experience!"

Lisa Vidal - Parent, Branchburg Central Middle School

"What a wonderful experience LTC has been! This is the second time my daughter has attended. She came home just as energized and excited as her past experience full of ideas to bring back to school. She is still in contact with several friends she met. It has been an unforgettable learning opportunity!"

Donna McCall - Parent, Riverside High School

"There isn't a day that goes by since my daughter came home from LTC that she hasn't shared something from her time there. She enjoyed everything; the people, the workshops, the warm, comfortable atmosphere. Whatever you are doing, keep it up because it is working!"

Linda Golden - Parent, Burlington Township High School

"My daughter was initially hesitant to go to LTC, as she thought is was going to be too much like school or really boring. Not at all - she LOVED it and was so happy she went! She met great kids of all ages and enjoyed listening to all the training sessions - and learning in the process. She is excited to go back next year!"

Lorraine Bowyer - Parent, Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School

"My daughter LOVES LTC. This was her second year going, this time for LTC Advanced. When she comes home she talks about the people she met and the things they did nonstop. I'm so happy I sent her to LTC both years!"

Paula D'Amico - Parent, Holy Cross High School

"My daughter enjoyed LTC very much. She had the opportunity to make new friends and learn new things. She will take several leaership skills that she learned from LTC to her school to help her Student Council achieve more of its goals."

Amrit Grewal - Parent, Melvin H. Kreps Middle School

"My daughter had a wonderful time at LTC. She came home with a new found confidence that she could, as one person, change the world. She enjoyed the program so much that next year she wants to work there. Samantha also told her ten year old brother that he must attend when he's in middle school. Thank You!"

Rene Justis - Parent, Collingswood Middle School

"Juliana absolutely loved LTC - so much so that the very first thing she said when it was over was that she planned to apply to be a counselor next year. She has attended leadership trainings in the past; this was markedly different. It was more practical, supportive yet challenging, and she gained constructive insights into the behaviors and interactions of peers and others, which will serve her well. She was also struck by the longevity and loyalty of the LTC alumni. The program packs quite a bit into a short week. Thank you LTC!"

Jennifer Velez - Parent, Lawton C. Johnson Summit Middle School

"I could tell when Allie called home that she was having a wonderful time by the tone of her voice. Upon picking her up in the last day she was just beaming about everybody and saying how everyone was friendly and how much a wonderful time she had at LTC!"

Phil Jenkins - Parent, Riverside High School

"My son had a great time! We hardly heard from him because they kept the kids moving! He is so excited to apply what he learned at LTC in school and wants to come back as a JC next year! Definitely worth it!"

Loretta Finkelston - Parent, Holy Cross High School

"Thank you for the amazing 4 days that our daughter Aarushi experienced at LTC! We keep hearing about the exciting stories of the different activities and her interactions with other students and counselors. She talks about so many ideas that she plans on implementing with the tools she learned at the LTC. We are amazed at seeing the remarkable change in her ability to make the most of the hidden talents that even she did not realize she had! Thanks again for giving Aarushi the opportunity to experience her inner self."

Samriti & Dayanand Deo - Parents, Brooklawn Middle School

"Kara really enjoyed her first experience at LTC! She loved everything about it, especially the people. She plans on coming back for LTC Advanced next year and hopes to become a Junior Counselor in the future."

Maria Benerofe - Parent, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South

"This was the best thing that happened to my son and the timing was perfect. While he gets A's in school, he was not challenged or motivated about school until LTC. I thank you for the boost of confidence and self worth it gave him. He came home ready to actively participate in the community and his school. He has already signed up to come back as a counselor next year and we are thrilled. I have recommended camp to anyone who is fortunate enough to be invited!"

Annette Herceg - Parent, Haddon Township High School

"My daughters have been involved in Student Council since their freshman year, but I can finally say that after attending LTC that they now have the "SPARK" that will set the fire for a great year of leadership activities at Kingsway. Thank you for providing a very informative experience for my girls!"

Lauren Boerlin - Parent, Kingsway Regional High School

"It’s been weeks since my daughter, Ruth, attended session 1 and I STILL am hearing how awesome LTC 2013 was! She is so eager to put into practice the many things she learned into this upcoming school year; she is counting down the days as a matter of fact. I think the entire LTC experience is something every student who wants to make a difference in their school should attend. The staff, accommodations and the food were all great!"

Ken Kowalski - Parent, Brooklawn Middle School

EDITOR'S NOTE: At Brooklawn, she will definitely put LTC into practice!

"Neither of us knew what to expect, but I was just happy that he was attending a non-sports camp since that is what he usually gravitates towards!!  To say that he had a great time would be an understatement. The very few times I spoke with him (because he was too busy having fun!) he gushed about the people he was meeting, the activities they were doing and the counselors. He met new friends, learned a lot and had an overall amazing experience. Upon arriving home he immediately began talking about going back next year and hopefully becoming a Junior Counselor. He is looking forward to putting all that he learned at LTC to good use when he takes office at the start of school. Thanks for everything!"

Emily Valentino - Parent, Markham Place School

"When our daughter first arrived home, she couldn’t stop talking about the wonderful experience and all the new friends she made.  We figured this would simmer down after a day or two; however it has not!  She is currently organizing a day at the beach with the members of her “red” group and is staying in contact with all of them.  Having been elected to her high school’s student government executive board this year, she plans on utilizing many of the tools she learned from LTC and has approximately 20 new peers to garner more ideas and suggestions. It was such an impactful session that she is planning on attending again and perhaps even volunteering to be a staff member in 2014.   Keep up the great work!"

Greg & Isabel Fath - Parents, Washington Township High School

"Thank you for an incredible life transforming week! My son felt relaxed and empowered from the moment he arrived. The junior counselors and adult staff helped him transition immediately into the program. The first thing he said when I came to pick him up was, "I had no idea how many kids were just like me!" At the same time he had a great peace about him with the realization that who he is wonderful and he doesn't need to hide his real self. He made so many friends and has so many great ideas for school that he cannot wait to implement. He hopes to come back next year as a junior counselor and give back to the next group of student leaders at LTC. Thank you again for all you have done to serve my son!"

Missy O'Brien - Parent, Haddon Township High School

"My older daughter, Julianna, attended LTC in 2009 and loved it! She has held an executive board position in her college sorority and continues to demonstrate phenomenal organizational and leadership abilities; LTC contributed toward her leadership skills and confidence. This year my younger daughter, Claire, attended LTC and true to our past experience, she came back super-energized and enthused to share what she learned and make plans for her own future leadership. LTC gave her the skills and tools to explore and make the most of her talents. Claire is looking forward to attending future LTC sessions in order to build upon the foundation laid down this year. As a parent, I couldn’t be happier with the LTC program!"

Jo Ann Jarvis - Parent, North Hunterdon High School

"Our son Collin was curious about the schedule of events and wondered if he would 1) Have ANY fun and 2) Learn ANYTHING. We didn't hear from him until I sent a text late Monday (the second) night and his response was "Awesome! So fun, no time to text!"; we took that as a great sign. I picked up Collin and two of his classmates and they never stopped talking about all the great activities; they were totally surprised how much they accomplished in just a few days. They actually talked about all the classes and how much they learned about leadership. They can't wait to come back!"

Denise Timken - Parent, Holy Cross High School

"I just wanted to write to you and thank you for giving my daughter, Gabby Gallo, the best 4 days of her life!!  She absolutely LOVED LTC and has already informed me that she wants to go back next year and then hopefully become a JC.  I have seen such a change in her and she has wonderful stories, memories and friends to talk about it.  It really is a life changing experience, and I am so glad that she had this experience and describes it as "the happiest place on earth"! Thanks again for giving Gabby a wonderful experience and a lifetime of memories!"

Shelly Gallo - Parent, Bordentown Regional High School

"My daughter attended LTC in July 2011 and has been talking about it constantly ever since! She had a fantastic time and came back with a heightened sense of confidence. LTC provided ample opportunities to overcome personal hesitation and foster that leadership capability. I was very hesitant when I dropped her off; she was the single delegate from her school that session and didn’t know anyone. My concern instantly disappeared when we were greeted at the car by staff members. I turned around and left for home without any concern. My daughter can’t wait to go back and is hoping to become a counselor herself one day."

Lisa Cassidy - Parent, Mount Olive High School

"My daughter Dana loved LTC! She is already planning her return trip to LTC 2 next year, and hopes to be a Junior Counselor after that. She felt confident enough at LTC to sing in the talent show; Dana is usually reluctant to do things outside her comfort zone, but I believe the LTC expereience gave her the boost she needed to take a new risk. I hope she will keep it up! Dana also told her older sister that she missed out on a great experience. I knew she would love it, and she did. Thanks for all your efforts for making LTC possible!"

Tracy Foedsich - Parent, Palmyra High School

"My daughter has been involved in Student Council since fourth grade. In 2011 she attended LTC and came back even more excited and passionate for Student Council. A few weeks later she was babysitting my friend's children, and when Rachel mentioned she went to LTC my friend told her that she did too when she was in high school. Very soon afterwards, Rachel and my friend were both sharing and singing songs they both had learned from LTC. Too bad we didn't capture that in films.  Two generations and yet the love for Student Council is apparent!"

Kacey Yee - Parent, Rancocas Valley Regional High School

"My daughter, Lyra, has told me over and over again that LTC was one of the best things she's ever done.  She wants to go back and become a counselor in the future.  LTC inspired her to be more comfortable in her own skin, speak up, speak out and built her desire to be a bigger part of her school community. LTC wasn't just leadership skills, but life learning.   LTC has made her really think about how she wants to be in her world, her community and her school."

Caryn Tomljanovich - Parent, Clinton Public School

"I can say my daughter had a wonderful experience at LTC; she has been singing songs since she came home! LTC validated being part of a group, her spirit, and sense of belonging. She really benefited from the assembly line assignment and learning about what makes a good or bad leader. She especially enjoyed the Talent Show and the Birthday Dinner; I can say it was a positive experience and she will probably attend again!"

Jan Perrottet - Parent, Palmyra High School

"LTC has influenced my daughter for the better. She brought back with her the skills she learned and taught them to her peers, even if they didn't ask. She uses these new tools in her everyday life to be a better leader. From hanging out with friends, to family events, to speaking in front of her own student council she has shown incredible growth. LTC has proved to be a rewarding leadership experience for my daughter, so thank you."

Ana Tempesta - Parent, Cranford High School

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Valuable LEADERSHIP TRAINING from an exceptional Senior teaching staff of skilled professionals from diverse & fascinating backgrounds, ready to share their expertise and experience with your child...
Great ROLE MODELS from a Junior counseling staff of former delegates and state officers who apply their unique talents and exceptional leadership skills to make LTC an experience your child will never forget...
Practical WORKSHOPS shared with peers, advisors, and former LTC delegates that provide valuable real world skills which your child will be able to apply both inside and outside of the classroom...
New FRIENDSHIPS with truly outstanding student leaders from throughout the state that will become the movers and shakers in their schools, college, and whatever career path they choose...
Gaining SELF CONFIDENCE as your child discovers new things about him or herself while becoming part of a community where he or she can become aware of and freely share talents...
If you want your child to become a STRONG student leader prepared to improve both themselves and those they interact with, send them to LTC and he or she will return energized to do all that - and so much more!