Jim Nolan (activties director), Pat Bell (recent college grad), Tyler Barto (MLB social media) and Matt Purdue (teacher) are just four of our Senior Counselors from all walks of life that look forward to you joining us at LTC!

Speaking With Ease

The first step to improving your public speaking skills is to recognize the things you do right, and become aware of the things you need to improve on. Find out both - and have fun doing it - through positive and constructive peer feedback in a collaborative environment.

Effective Communication

Who do you think are great communicators, and what makes them so great?  What is the difference between hearing and listening, and how good are you at each?  Discover the true elements of effective communication and learn how you can apply them to become a better communicator, and leader.

Goals for Planning S.M.A.R.T.

There are many types of projects – fundraising, service, leadership, social, spirit – what types are you involved with?  The key to a truly effective project is planning, planning, and then some more planning.  Go through the essentials of "S.M.A.R.T." planning for a successful project, from brainstorming to planning to implementation to evaluation.

Make Your Time Count

Do you know how much time you actually spend on routine things each day, and how much time you can devote to the things you want and need to do?  Learn how well you manage your time, a skill critical to success in college and beyond, and how you can manage it better.

Elected to Lead Everyone

How well do you really know the hundreds (or thousands) of students walking the halls of your school?  As a student leader do you truly represent them, recognize their needs, and understand their expectations?  You'll have fun finding out as you learn more about yourself and your fellow delegates.

You Make the Call

You will surely face problems as a student leader, as well as in college and beyond.  Gain the tools and experience to face and successfully overcome them, and explore the ethical component that is critical to each problem you will face and how you effectively deal with it.

Deal With I.T.!

Conflict is not always a bad thing. While sometimes avoided, often the best or only course of action is to DEAL with it.  In fact, a lot of good things can come from effectively dealing with and resolving conflict.  Learn about strategies to use, and the right situations to use them in.


Get tuned up on the nuts and bolts of running an organization.  Come ready to discuss the problems with your meetings and using various methods of communication - and also what you would like them to become.  Discover how to improve your meetings, ensure a fair hearing for all members, facilitate better and more appopriate communication...and so much more!

Communication Workshop

Junior Counselors will facilitate an enjoyable session at which you will have the chance to get more practice with communication skills and strategies learned throughout LTC.

T.E.A.M. Time

The acronym T.E.A.M. means “Together Everyone Achieves More”.  Discover different styles of leadership as you experience for yourself the effects they can have on an organization and its’ members, in a fun way you'll never forget.


You'll get the chance to "Ask Me Anything", participate in a Focus Group, and "Reach Out & Touch Someone" as you receive valuable advice and careful guidance by our Senior Counselors from all walks of life. Get ready to "Take LTC Home" after a lively conversation you will not want to miss!