so you want to be a junior counselor?

Was your time as a delegate so wonderful that you would like to pay it forward?

We're always looking for a few good (uhhh, GREAT!) delegates to become part of our vibrant and dedicated LTC Junior Staff!


Our Junior Staff is vital to the success of the annual NJASC Leadership Training Conference - the oldest continually operating conference of its' kind in the United States. If you are interested in joining our staff as a Junior Counselor, here are some things you need to know before applying:

IMPORTANT:  You must have attended LTC as a delegate in order to apply to become a Junior Counselor (JC).

You must completely fill out the online JC Application Form, attaching a photo and following directions EXACTLY as indicated. Only complete applications submitted on time with all required information will be accepted.  This form can be accessed through the link provided below:

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Must be submitted on or before 12/1/2017. Your advisor or other faculty member MUST also mail a letter of recommendation to the NJASC Southern Office postmarked by this date.

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Online Form


IMPORTANT:  To apply for LTC 2018, your completed online application must be submitted on or before 12/1/2017 - AND your advisor (or another faculty member from your school) MUST mail a letter of recommendation to the NJASC Southern Office (PO Box 968, Delran NJ 08075) postmarked by 12/1/2017.

Applications that are submitted after this date or which do not have a letter of recommendation mailed to us by this date WILL NOT be accepted under any circumstances! If your application to become a Junior Counselor is accepted, there will be a mandatory New Staff Training session on the third Saturday in June. Inability or failure to attend New Staff Training will remove you from consideration to be placed into a Junior Counselor position.

IMPORTANT:  Please understand that there are FAR more applications than open positions each year, so the process to invite potential new Junior Counselors is HIGHLY selective.