But wait, there's STILL more - come back for LTC ADVANCED!

Over the years, Alex Gallego has been Student Council President at both Brooklawn MS and Parsippany Hills HS, NJASC Middle Level Represenative, State President, Junior Counselor, Senior Counselor - and a proud member of the LTC Advanced "Green Team"!


Several years ago, we created the LTC ADVANCED (formerly called "LTC 2") program with two things in mind:

  • Providing advanced leadership training that will serve student leaders well in high school, college and career!
  • Providing a chance for student leaders who just couldn't get enough of the LTC experience the first time to come back for more!


LTC Advanced is actually a program within a program. The GREEN color group (see below) in each session is LTC Advanced, which has their own advanced leadership classes during instructional time but enjoys the same LTC Social Program throughout the rest of the conference.

That's right...come back to LTC Advanced and you'll get another chance to enjoy the LTC Games, Birthday Dinner, our unique mealtime and evening entertainment, the Dance, and all the other things that make LTC unforgettable - plus advanced leadership training you will not find anywhere else.


In the first year we introduced LTC Advanced (then called "LTC 2"), we just happened to choose GREEN for their color group. Our first LTC Advanced class, which included a number of future State Officers and Junior Counselors (such as 2010 State Officer Sergio Ingato pictured at left) quickly adopted their new color and even created their own "GREEN Team Salute"!

A tradition was quickly born and since then GREEN has been the distinctive color of advanced leadership - and outstanding student leaders - at LTC. "It's not easy being GREEN", but our first LTC Advanced delegates would not have it any other way!


In order to attend LTC Advanced and become part of the GREEN team, you must have:

  • Already attended LTC as a middle level or high school delegate.
  • Be a rising sophomore or older - in other words, you must complete 9th grade before attending LTC Advanced.


The LTC Advanced curriculum was designed and written by some of the greatest minds in student leadership. Short descriptions of each workshop (some of which are multiple sessions) are provided below:

  • WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO SAY? This class builds on what you learned in Speaking With Ease and Effective Communicaton the first time you attended LTC. You will learn how to find your "leadership voice", make sure that it is heard, and to use it as an effective leadership tool to achieve what you are passionate about.
  • IT'S UP TO YOU! This class builds on what you learned in Deal With I.T. and You Make The Call the first time you attended LTC. You will develop an awareness of such issues as bias, prejudice, harassment, violence and their impact on individuals and schools/communities while learning strategies and approaches to effectively model appropriate ways to deal with these and other difficult issues.
  • PLANNING, ORGANIZING, PREPARING! This class builds on what you learned in Project Planning the first time you attended LTC, as you begin to prepare for a presentation you will give later in the session that outlines the change you would like to make happen in your school or community.
  • YOU TALKIN' TO ME? You will learn how to advocate effectively for a cause by understanding your audience as well as the values and responsibilities of people in various positions in society and their impact on the decision making process.
  • DOIN' WHAT'S RIGHT! You know it's going to be a great class when Wendy Booth Sitzler and Joe Fas come out of teaching retirement once per session to present valuable lessons on leadership through children's books and tales that you never thought were there the first time you read them.
  • PANEL DISCUSSION. You'll get valuable leadership advice and lessons from people who are living leadership in the real world. Politicians, successful corporate executives, educational leaders, broadcasters - we've got them all at LTC!
  • IMPROVING YOUR SCHOOL CLIMATE! You'll use what you learned in both LTC and LTC Advanced to create a plan of action that utlilizes Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and School Climate to help identify not only the basic needs of your fellow students but those that would improve your school climate!
  • PRESENTATIONS - The capstone of LTC Advanced! You'll take what you learned in both LTC and LTC Advanced and use it to present your plan of action for making positive change in your school and community. With a friendly and supportive audience of fellow LTC Advanced delegates with whom you have bonded, it is a safe place to test out your thoughts and ideas while receiving supportive feedback to help you prepare for leadership in your school and community.


Registration for LTC Advanced is through the same system as LTC; just be sure to indicate LTC ADVANCED on both the Online Initial Delegate Registration form and your Delegate Registration Form which you download after the online submission. You will need to indicate the year that you first attended LTC as a delegate.

And yes, you can attend LTC Advanced after you gradutate high school prior to entering college! CLICK HERE to visit our Online Registration Page and get started on your journey toward advanced leadership in school, college, and career as a member of the LTC Advanced GREEN team!